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The Firm was chosen to appear in the 2010 through 2014 Editions of Washington DC/Baltimore's BEST LAWYERS published in the The Washington Post, and The Baltimore Sun.



Articles Authored by Herman Braude on Construction for Federal Publications

• "Use of 'Equal' Products" Const. Brfg. 80-4
• "All' Risk Insurance, "Const. Brfg. No. 81-6
• "Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, "Const. Brfg. No. 8202
• "UCC Problems in Construction," Const. Brfg. No. 83-6
• "Recovery of Extended Home Office Overhead Cost." Const. Brfg. No. 84-6
• "Subcontract Incorporation by Reference Clauses," Const. Brfg. No.85-7
• "Construction Management Contracts," Const. Brfg. No. 86-6
• "Private Construction Surety Bonds," Const. Brfg. No. 86-6
• "Quantum Meruit Recovery in Construction Contracts," Const. Brfg. No. 88-7









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